Flora and Fauna

The vegetation in Torres del Paine is very diverse and varies according to the sector in which we are.  Different types of shrubs, flowers and trees can be found in the trails and valleys of this natural sanctuary where plants have been adapted according to the prevailing conditions, available water, prevalence of winds, soil type and height.

Some of the plant communities that can be found are:

  • Pre Andean shrubland: where we can find xerophytic scrubs such as Mata Barrosa (Mulinum spinosum) and mesophyte scrub as Siete Camisas (Escalonia rubra), Zarcilla (Discaria serratifolia), Calafate enano (Berberis empretifolia) and Chaura (Gaultheria mucronata).
  • Magellanic Deciduous forest: Lenga (Nothofagus pumilio), Ñirre (Nothofagus Antarctica), Ciruelillo or Notro (Embotrium coccineum) and Calafate (Berberis buxifolia).
  • Patagonian Steppe: Coirón (Festuca gracillima).
  • Gunnera magellanica), Llareta (Azorella monantha).

The same diversity of environments permits the development of a varied fauna. The presence of typical mammals of Chile can be found all along Torres del Paine. Among the most commonly found animals are the Huemul, Guanaco, Puma, Chilla fox and Culpeo fox. Also, you may see emblematic birds like the Condor, Eagle and the Magellanic Woodpecker.