Patagonia has a lot to offer and plenty off activities like excursions and tour to experience beside the beautiful Hikes in Torres del Paine Nationalpark.

There are a few things you should’t miss out being in Patagonia such as riding a horse in the wide patagonian stepp, discovering one off the breathtaking huge glaciers from the southpatagonian ice field from close up.

To help you to decide between all the possible options of adventures you are able to do down here, we have  prepared you a selection of tour and excursions available with FS and which you shouldn’t miss out on your stay in Patagonia.


Explore your options

Excursion´s Tariffs are presented in Chilean Pesos ($ clp), if you´d like to pay in US dollars (US$), we will make the conversion according to the official rate of the payment date.

Ice Hike Grey Glacier