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Our Refugios, Camping sites and Cabins In the Eighth Wonder of the World.





The accommodation at the Refugios is in shared – mixed dorms in bunk beds and in each Refugio there are shared bathrooms (rooms have not private bathrooms). Depending on the Refugio, rooms have a capacity between 6 to 8 people.

The kind of accommodation can be: MADE UP BED (includes: sheets and cover bed), SIMPLE BED (for the use of own sleeping bag) or BED + Sleeping bag, depending on the Refugio.

Kind of accommodation per Refugio:.

  • Refugio Torre Central: MADE UP BED.
  • Refugio Torre Norte: MADE UP BED or SIMPLE BED.
  • Refugio El Chileno and Los Cuernos: BED + Sleeping bad or SIMPLE BED.
  • Cabins Los Cuernos: MADE UP BED..

Meals: the accommodation does not include any meals; each of them must be purchased separately.

Camping: It is possible to rent equipment: sleeping bag, tents and insulation mat (we recommend you to do it in advance).

IMPORTANT: IS NOT ALLOWED TO COOK INSIDE THE REFUGIOS, if you want to cook your own food the only place available is in the Campings.

Torre Central and Torre Norte Refugios & Camping
El Chileno Refugio & Camping
Los Cuernos Refugio & Camping
Los Cuernos – Cabins
Camping Serón
Domes Frances
Camping Francés
Opening and closing dates of Refugios Fantástico Sur 2018 – 2019