Fantástico Sur: W Circuit Mountain Shelters, Camping and Cabins

Torres del Paine – CHILE

We are located along the W Circuit trekking path and at the beginning of the “Long” circuit within the Torres del Paine National Park in the majestic Chilean Patagonia.

We are at the foot of the Macizo del Paine, where those who love trekking and mountain life will find our accommodations (shelters, cabins and camping), food services and alternatives for the W CIRCUIT PROGRAMS in one of the most famous trekking destinations in Chile and the world.

Trekking in Base Torres, the W Circuit, Valle de Francés and the Long Circuit are only some of the trekking paths that make up the possible access paths from our Mountain Shelters.

Each shelter has a restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages and also food to take out during the journey.

It is also possible to rent outdoor equipment, such as sleeping bags, tents and mats. The W Circuit has an average duration of 5 days, 4 nights and 62 km of paths.

To finish the Circuit, an 8 kg backpack with clothes and personal items is enough because we offer accommodations and food, so all you have to worry about is enjoying the mountain and traveling along the paths that go into the Patagonian massif.

Our headquarters are located in Torres del Paine, and we also have a reservation office in the city of Puerto Natales, 247 km from Punta Arenas and 3,103 km from Santiago, Chile. If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us at ventas@fantasticosur.com.

Learn about our regular, short and luxury programs. You can book your stay at the Torres del Paine National Park online. Visit Fantástico Sur to learn more.

Visit our Mountain Shelters, Camping and Cabins

Torre Central y Torre Norte Refugios & CampingTorre Central and Torre Norte Shelter & Camping

Located at the beginning of the W Circuit in the Las Torres area. From there you can start the “Las Torres” trekking in order to continue towards Los Cuernos and Valle del Francés.

El Chileno Refugio & CampingEl Chileno Shelter & Camping

Located 2 trekking hours away from the Las Torres area, it is found on the path that goes up to Base Torres. From here, the path returns to the Las Torres area or it continues to Los Cuernos.

Los Cuernos Refugio & CampingLos Cuernos Shelter & Camping

Located 4.5 trekking hours from the Las Torres area, it is situated in the heart of the W Circuit. It has accommodations for the second or third night depending on the travel itinerary.

Los Cuernos – CabañasLos Cuernos – Cabins

Located at the base of Los Cuernos in Paine, in the same area as the Los Cuernos Shelter and Camping, 4.5 trekking hours from the Las Torres area.

Camping SerónSerón Camping

Located 4 trekking hours from the Las Torres area, in the East area of the Park and at the beginning of the “O” Long Trekking Circuit.

Opening and Closing Dates of the Fantástico Sur Shelters, 2012 – 2013

These dates are referential and may change. This information will be duly updated and reported.