(English) 10 Pics That Show Why Refugio Torre Central Is THE Best Camping Experience Anywhere!

Do you love camping? If so, you’ve probably experienced some really great campsites, and well, some not so great. But you love the outdoors so you’re pretty much happy anywhere, as long as you can sleep under the stars, tell stories by the campfire, and just be in nature – period.

But what if you had the opportunity to do camping like you never thought possible? Entirely redefining the way you view the entire outdoor wilderness experience. What if I said, you could pitch a tent right in the Eighth Wonder of The World? Well, lucky you! Our Refugio Torre Central opened again on September 10th 2016 for another year!

What is Refugio Torre Central?

Located at the beginning of the W Circuit in Las Torres sector. From this place you start the W Circuit going to the Famous Base of the Towers.The most popular access to the National Park is through “Portería Laguna Amarga”, where you may connect with shuttles that take the visitors to Las Torres sector.

You Get…

  • Capacity: 60 people, 10 shared-mixed dorms for 6 people each, with 3 bunk beds
  • Accommodation: MADE UP BED (includes sheets and cover bed).
  • Facilities: Lounge / Restaurant / Bar / Shop.
  • Central Heating.
  • Shared Bathrooms.

So, all this is great, but what does Refugio Torre Central actually give you that you can’t get anywhere else? We won’t bore you with explanations, but these 10 pics of our lodges and where they sit amongst their surroundings, tells the whole story. We can’t wait to see you! BOOK NOW!

Torre Central Torre Norte c Torre Norte ext 1 Torre Central OUTa Torre Central-Alm.Nieto  Torres_del_paine

Camping Torres

Located at 250 metres from Refugio Torre Central.

  • 150 Campsites.
  • Shared bathrooms with 24-hour hot water.
  • Rent equipment available: Tent, sleeping bag and insulation mat.
  • Meals available in Refugio Torre Central.

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