The Weather

The weather in Torres del Paine National Park is influenced by the south by the Antarctic continent, from the west by the Pacific Ocean and from the north by the Southern Patagonian Ice Field (third source of freshwater on the planet).

It is characterized by an unstable trans-Andean climate, with strong winds especially in summer. Average day temperature in summer is 12°C (54°F), with a low of 0.8°C (33°F) and a high of 23.5°C (75°F). Special clothes are recommended during your stay, as rainfall reaches 700 mm a year.

In the Valley of Torres del Paine it is found a trans-Andean climate, while in the heights temperature decreases because of the effect of ice and snow. With no doubt the best weather seasons are spring and summer, when temperatures can reach a pleasant average maximum 23.5 ° C during the day. While in winter the temperature drops considerably, falling even below freezing.

Always come prepared for the 4 seasons, because of the instability is possible to experience all of them on the same day.

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