Horseback Rides at Estancia Cerro Paine

Located in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, rated in 2013 as the Eighth Wonder of the World, Estancia Cerro Paine offer an unique experience to his visitors, who can get closer to the base of the towers than any other tourist service of this nature.

Who can ride?

Kids and adults can enjoy without any problem this particular experience. Horseback riding in Estancia Cerro Paine is the ideal family activity.

Everybody wears security elements as helmets and leggings. For healthy reasons, pregnant women can not perform the services. Meanwhile, over 80 km/h winds, any service is canceled.

With a highly trained personnel and using the best saddles of Chile, Estancia Cerro Paine guarantees to their visitors the best panorama of the area, where silence is the perfect melody for a heavenly landscape.


Base Torres Horse Ride:

The first destination to this ride is the Chilean Refugio. Once there, begins a walk for 4 hours to finally return to the Refugio riding up and down the field of Hotel Las Torres, this last step takes on average 3 hours.

Difficulty: Medium-High

Duration: 8 hours (1.5 hrs. byhorse + 4 hrs. trekking + 1.5 hr by horse).

Price x pax: CLP $68.000 (TAX included)


Nordenskjöld Lake Horse Ride:

This ride is the perfect tour for those who are looking a relaxed evening accompanied by wonderful views.
We invite you to explore the pampas that fed our animals years ago, enthralled with the majestic Lake Nordenskjold and take out the stress at the foot of Mount Almirante Nieto.

Difficulty: Low

Duration: 3 hours

Schedule: 10:00 am and 02:30 pm

Price x pax: CLP $50.000 (TAX included)


Cerro Paine Horse Ride:

If you are looking for a unique experience, this is the one. Take a tour in a unique path of Estancia Cerro Paine and enjoy the privilege of seeing places never seen before.
With this service you will see the front of the Towers, making it an ideal location for shooting.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 3 Hours

Schedule: 10:00 am and 2:30 pm

Price x pax: CLP $50.000 (TAX included)



The carriages tours show to their passengers the interesting history of the old Estancia, the old house, gardens and the corrals. These services are ideal for families, the only requirement is that can not be more than 8 people per carriage.

Dificultad: Low

Duration: 1hr

Schedule: 10:00 am and 02:30 pm

Price x pax: CLP $10.000 (TAX included)


New Services:

Horse back ride per hour: $20.000
Taxi from El Chileno sector to Los Cuernos sector: $75.000
Taxi from Las Torres sector to El Chileno sector: $45.000 / opposite direction: $ 55.000
Taxi from Las Torres sector to Los Cuernos sector: $60.000 / opposite direction: $ 80.000
Taxi from Las Torres sector to Serón sector: $60.000 / Opposite direction: $ 80.000

Taxi: (It is a transport service by horse from one point to another. Guide service is not included, you will be accompanied by a Gaucho)
Is Not possible to carry your big backpack with you in the horse, to transport it you must consider a “Pilchero” Horse (Load Horse)

Load Horses (to carry your back pack) maximum: 45 Kg per Horse:
Load Horse to El Chileno: $35.000
Load Horse to Los Cuernos: $50.000
Load Horse from El Chileno to Los Cuernos: $75.000

Tariffs are per person & VAT (19%) included.



Estancia Cerro Paine is a company that respects the environment and the proper animal care, been the first in the area to implement a holistic management tool 100% with horses.

Designed by Allan Savory, botanical and zootecnist from Zimbabwe, holistic management has become a guide for individuals, families and companies that look forward to develop its resources sustainably.

This method not only improves the fields, also helps to maintain the good condition of the animals and works to reduce the climate change.

In Estancia Cerro Paine, all horses are wormed every four months and are strictly shod by a professional blacksmith dedicated 100% to that job.

For excursions, the ranch has more than 80 horses, of which only 25 are occupied daily in 7×7 roles (7 days rest and 7 days work).