Fantástico Sur Implements Systems of Sustainable Energy Generation

The biodiversity, abundance of microclimates and natural wonders of Torres del Paine National Park makes it an unique place in the world, which must be properly maintained so that tourism does not leave a negative and indelible imprint.

Fantástico Sur, in its desire to keep the natural wonders of the area intact, takes special care of the environment, using renewable energy sources for their lodges and storing them in battery banks.

Refugio Los Cuernos has a system of hydraulic turbines fed by Bader river and its waterfall. This consists of a bio filter system which decomposes matter with worms and cleans the waste water sector, in use since early 2012 and reducing human impact on the area.
This lodge is one of the most important, as it is one of the most visited by tourists who make the “O” and “W” circuits, and because of its proximity to Nordenskjöld Lake.

Refugio El Chileno uses wind power to obtain electricity through wind intensity and geographical characteristics. In addition, electricity generation is supplemented by solar panels and a diesel generator, which is used only in emergencies.
This place also has a bio filter, which reduces water pollution by 90%, thus avoiding contamination of the environment and groundwater sources.

Refugios Norte and Central are a different case, as they use oil generators for 8 hours daily to charge the battery packs and distribute electricity efficiently, as well as using solar panels.
Another important point is that there is rationing in these areas. The use of energy-intensive equipment that could potentially damage the sensitive energy production systems is therefore forbidden.

Another outstanding aspect of the Park is its recycling process. Discarded organic waste in the campsites is used for the creation of compost (organic fertilizer) and to feed pigs which are raised for meat. Materials such as paper, cardboard, glass and cans are also separated for reuse.

Fantástico Sur mountain lodges are completely friendly to the environment, helping to prevent thousands of visitors from disturbing the ecosystem of this wonderful place, located at the end of the world. When you visit Torres del Paine, consider that in the long term, each visitor has to act responsibly and only companies and individuals can help to keep the environment of Torres del Paine pristine.

Due to the large number of visitors each year, your support in helping us to continue with this project successfully is very important. We invite you to be part of it!