Winter Trekking In Torres Del Paine National Park

Things are just starting to heat up here in Torres Del Paine! After a very busy peak season here at Fantastico, we are pleased to announce our new Winter Trekking program. We have worked hard to create a tour that challenges and delights throughout all 6 days of this winter adventure.


Here Are Some Key Points From The Tour (which can also be seen in the video below)

1) Meals and guide services are included

2) Minimum of 4 & maximum 8 persons per group

3) The “Winter W” is only available from May 2017 – August 2017

4) Trips begin on Mondays.

What Gear Is Required On A Winter Trek?

Recently we shared the answer to this question on Instagram. The list may seem lengthy, but you won’t regret packing any of these items.


You Had Me At “Winter W” – Where Can I Get More Information?


So glad you asked! Visit our “Winter W” page to download the full guide, and get notified of other exciting things coming up here at Fantastico! We look forward to seeing you soon!