Earthquake Doesn’t Affect the Operation of Torres del Paine

On Tuesday, April 1st, 2014, northern Chile, specifically in the city of Iquique (Tarapacá Region, very close to the border with Peru and Bolivia), experienced an 8.2 magnitude earthquake.

After this, it is necessary to clarify that the operation of Torres del Paine National Park and Fantástico Sur remains fully operational. The distance between the two areas is almost 3,500 kilometers (approximately 2,175 miles), so southern Chile was not affected, nor was the earthquake even felt there (it wasn’t felt in Santiago, the capital, either).

Currently, the electricity, water, and telecommunications systems, as well as transportation (e.g. airports), are all working across the country while Iquique returns to normal.

From Fantá, we reiterate to all of our travelers and future visitors that visiting Chile continues to be safe while wishing a quick recovery to the affected region. We are with you.

#FuerzaIquique. #FuerzaArica.

Map of Chile


Interesting Facts:

.- Between Iquique, the area of the earthquake, and Torres del Paine, there are approximately 3.500 kilometers (approximately 2,175 miles).

.- Santiago, the capital of Chile, did not suffer any effects from the seismic activity.


Iquique, long. 20°13’0.12″S – lat. 70° 8’32.00″O.

Santiago, long. 33°28’8.83″S – lat. 70°38’31.19″O.

Torres del Paine, long. 50°56’32.84″S – lat. 73°24’24.39″O.

More information at USGS.