Chile chosen as one of the most ethical tourist destinations

The international list, created every year by the non-profit organization, Ethical Traveler, based in California, U.S.A., once again ranked the nations with the greatest consciousness of human rights, environmental protection, and social protection, and this time Chile placed fourth on this list of the most ethical destinations in the world.

The ranking considered the fact that the southernmost country in Latin America has improved its environmental protections, especially through the conservation of species in danger of extinction and the sustainable development of forests, so that they are not cut down indiscriminately.

The list also supports previous reports from the United Nations about social wellbeing, as well as the current impressions of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Reporters Without Borders about indigenous rights, civil liberties, and press protections, respectively, all of which have improved the image of the South American country, converting it into a safe, and highly-esteemed, destination for millions of tourists. This has been categorized by Ethical Traveler as “substantial progress.”

The top ten is led by the Bahamas, followed by Barbados, Cape Verde, Chile, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Latvia, Lithuania, the Republic of Mauritius, the Republic of Palau, and, finishing the list, Uruguay.

Finally, according to Chile’s National Tourism Service (Sernatur), in 2013 alone, almost 3,570,000 tourists, from five continents, marveled at the landscapes of the north, center, and south of the country, so this new recognition could inspire even more trips to beautiful and pristine destinations like Torres del Paine.

More information at: Ethical Travel, CNN, Sernatur.