The Top 3 of Torres del Paine

The online tourist guide, Lonely Planet, and the New York Times have said, “Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most pristine tourist sites in the world,” a strong recommendation, proving that this is a natural refuge that you simply must visit. But if you have the opportunity to travel to this mountainous retreat in the southern Andes, which of the many sites and activities are truly unmissable?

In order to answer this question, we have put together the following selection of the most incredible points of interest, which you must experience when you come to the “New Eighth Wonder of the World“.

So, the three most amazing places in Torres del Paine are:

1. Hiking on the W Circuit: Imagine viewing and admiring forests of lenga beech more than 300 years old, while you are surrounded by fresh air, streams of pure water that flow directly from glaciers, and turquoise-colored lakes. These are just some of the natural attractions that you will be able to see on this trail. And if you believe yourself capable of reaching it, there is much more to do and see while hiking on the W Circuit, which runs for 71 kilometers through the Paine Mountains.

2. The Incomparable Beauty of Grey Glacier: “A picture is worth a thousand words,” as the old saying goes, and it’s true. Meters upon meters of ice that is thousands of years old, and takes on multiple shades of blue, will enchant you when you visit Torres del Paine. Without a doubt, the Grey glacier, being over 13,000 years old, is an unmissable natural wonder.

3. The British Viewpoint: Located in the French Valley, in the heart of the W Circuit, with spectacular views of an amphitheater formed by granite peaks, such as Cuerno Norte, Punta Catalina, and Paine Grande. In addition to the well-known Cerro Hoja, Máscara, Espada, Cabeza del Indio, Aleta de Tiburón, and Fortaleza. You can enter this valley via the W Circuit; or you can take a 20-minute trip in a catamaran across Lake Pehoé, then hike up the mountain trail for four to five hours until you arrive at this marvelous viewpoint. You can descend by the same path, eventually arriving at the Pehoé sector; or you can use Fantastico Sur’s new Francés Domes as a base camp on the W Circuit.