The Huffington Post Picks Torres del Paine in their Top 10

In its travel section, the popular news aggregator, The Huffington Post (also known as HuffPo), created a ranking of the “23 Latin American Destinations that Prove that There’s a Lot More to See than Rio and Buenos Aires,” (also carried by the website of Radio Cooperativa), and Torres del Paine National Park places on the list as the sixth most captivating in this part of the world.

Among the activities that are available in this mountainous region, located at the southern end of the Andes, are kayaking over its rivers and lakes, enjoying the magnificent thousand-year-old glaciers, camping, hiking, and constantly discovering a new view, color, or marvel in a biosphere that can only be found in Torres del Paine.

Three other Chilean destinations appear on the list created for HuffPo. Viña del Mar placed 7th due to its popular beach (Reñaca), dunes, and proximity to Santiago. It is also famous for the nearby home of the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Further down the list, appears San Pedro de Atacama (13th) for its red canyons, which you can explore on horseback, and the incredible scenery of the driest desert in the world, which stretches as far as the eye can see. Finally, they included Easter Island (15th), the majestic Polynesian island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, whose iconic moai, carved from volcanic rock, attract thousands of visitors from all over the world every year, despite the almost 4,000 km of ocean that separate the island from South America.

The final count leaves Chile with 4 points of interest, the most of any country on the list. As for the order of the destinations, Cartagena in Colombia came in first; followed by Isla Margarita in Venezuela in 2nd place; Punta del Este in Uruguay in 3rd; the Great Blue Hole in Belize in 4th; Lake Titicaca in Bolivia in 5th; Bariloche and El Calafate in Argentina in 8th and 9th, respectively; and, finally, Tikal in Guatemala closed out the top 10.

More information: HuffPost and radio