Fantástico Sur Receives The Touristic Sustainability Stamp

El Chileno and Los Cuernos Refugios were highlighted by the National Tourism Service, which together and with support from the National Round Table for Touristic Sustainability (MNST), awarded Fantástico Sur with the “S Stamp”, which is an honour that guarantees visitors that the touristic services comply with the criteria for environmental, economic, and socio-cultural sustainability.

The Director of SERNATUR in Magallanes, Andrea Téllez, the Governor of Última Esperanza and the Superintendent of Torres del Paine National Park gave the honour to Fantástico Sur.

Andrea Téllez, Regional Director of SERNATUR, emphasized “sustainability is one of the pillars of the National Strategy for Tourism, which is why it is important for us to recognize these companies. Tourists are getting increasingly demanding, and they value the companies that have links to sustainable issues”.

Josian Jacksic, the General Manager of Fantástico Sur, said, “For us, it is a great honour to have been recognized by the government. It is a lot of work to be sustainable, and the very fact of operating halfway up a mountain means that we have to resolve our logistical problems with renewable energy, which has been a challenge during our 20 years of operation. There still remains much to do: we have to certify the other two Refugios that we are running”.

This recognition was presented after the National Table on Touristic Sustainability (MSNT) examined the record of Fantástico Sur. The Sub Secretary of Tourism, Sub Secretary for the Environment, National Council on Art and Culture, Corfo’s InnovaChile Committee, the Federation of Chilean Tourism Companies (FEDETUR), and the Center for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development of the Catholic University of Valparaíso form this entity.