Fantástico Sur joins a recycling initiative

It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. There now exists paper that’s manufactured with minerals without using water, which has a smaller carbon footprint than the conventional product made with the cellulose that comes from wood. Its name is Stone Paper, and Fantástico Sur has been using it in all of their brochures since December, yet another effort for environmental conservation.

In order to maintain the natural beauty present in Torres del Paine National Park, it is important to not only prevent forest fires and avoid deterioration of the land, which can come with visitors hiking over it, it is also necessary to recycle.

According to a post on, each person throws away six plastic bags per day. Multiplying that figure by the number of people in the world, therefore, it is estimated that more than 36 billion new bags pollute our environment every day. Additionally, these bags are very difficult to break down (it takes, on average, 500 years).

So, in December, with the goal of taking care of the 8th Wonder of the World, Fantástico Sur began handing out brochures, with maps and other information, printed on paper made with Stone Paper technology. This Stone Paper is more environmentally-friendly than normal paper, since it doesn’t use bleach in its production, is more resistant to tears, can be used in extreme conditions, such as rain, and, even with all of this, is still 100% biodegradable.

But there’s more: Soon, the containers for the box lunches given to guests will be reusable, so that Fantástico Sur will be able to reduce their carbon footprint to almost zero.

We hope to keep adopting more ideas like this one, so that your visit will be truly unforgettable.

Technical Characteristics

Stone Paper is a type of material similar to paper, but manufactured with rocks of calcium (60 to 80% of which is composed of calcium carbonate) mixed with a type of non-toxic, high-density polyethylene resin, which serves as an agglutinative.

According to the manufacturer’s description, “If Stone Paper were used as a replacement for normal paper in 10 thousand 80×120 cm posters, around 110 mature trees could be saved from being cut down, in addition to 197,802 BTUs of energy and 329,670 liters of water being conserved”.

YouTube Video: This is how Stone Paper is made:

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