What NOT to do in Torres del Paine National Park

You know how many fires the Torres del Paine Park suffers in the last 30 years? Believe it or not 44 times , always because of a cigar or neglected by a campfire , burning thousands of square meters of native trees (along with the deaths of hundreds native patagonian animals) .

To no longer live a catastrophe like the last fire of 2011, the National Tourism Service (SERNATUR ) prepared the ” Sustainable Tourist Code of Conduct” for all visitors of this biosphere reserve .

Suggestions include :

  • Respect : When visiting Torres del Paine Park meets each of the warnings and recommendations , for example : Watch kids , do not enter confined areas with restricted access , no camp where it is not allowed , does not move hazardous sectors , obey the law and the rangers .
  • To Know : Watch for weather conditions before setting out to explore the area ; Always get necessary emergency information ( where to locate a hospital and police) .
  • Reduce your environmental impact : Please never destroy wilderness areas, do not feed the animals in Torres del Paine Park , do not litter ( keep it to place it in special containers ) , do not remove natural resources (such as seeds, flowers , etc.).