Torres del Paine Advertising takes Times Square

For ten days, our Eighth Wonder of the World, the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia, will be advertised on the most popular and famous avenue in the world : Yes, Times Square in the financial and tourist center of Manhattan in New York City, USA .

The video ad in English called “Why Not Chile? ( “Por qué no Chile” in Spanish) will be exposed for ten days, will be played 1,440 times, watch by more than 1 million 500 thousand people each day circulating this renowned point of the city and hopes increase 5% of the visits to Torres del Paine (currently about 150 thousand tourists come to our National Park each year).

Media newspaper like La Tercera, Emol, Canal 13 and Radio Bío-Bío reported yesterday this amazing idea that aims to add more visitors from the north country.