How foreign media report on Torres del Paine

The New 8th Wonder of the World, Torres del Paine National Park, has become extremely famous and has attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists, who visit every year to enjoy the southern zone of the American continent, specifically the south of Chile. However, long before this increase in tourism, various international media had already reported on this spectacular preserve of biodiversity.

Below, we have gathered together some of the videos that press from all over the world have broadcasted about Torres del Paine.

1.- CNN Chile and the Triumph of Torres del Paine in the 8th Wonder of the World contest

2.- BBC documentary about the Andes in which images of Torres del Paine appear, also broadcasted on Australian TV (at the 10:25 mark)

3.- National Geographic Channel (NatGeo) and the wildlife in Torres del Paine

4.- TV Escola do Brasil and their documentary in Portuguese about Torres del Paine, it is fitting to remember that Brazilians are regular visitors to the south of Chile

5.- CNN En Viaje from CNN Chile in Torres del Paine

Extra.- TeleSur and the terrible forest fire that affected Torres del Paine in 2011-2012

The Weather Channel

ABC News