Many camping areas in Torres del Paine National Park

Chilean Patagonia is a distinctive destination with a natural beauty that is combined differently depending on the season, an this that makes each of its landscapes and corners a unique and unrepeatable paradise.

This has transformed the south of Chile and, especially, the Torres del Paine in one of the most attractive destinations for trekking and camping in South America.

If you think in camping, Fantástico Sur has four campgrounds in different places of Torres del Paine National Park. These are:

  • Camping Torres: up to 150 sites that passengers can choose freely and with an area of exclusive bathrooms, with access to hot water all day. Located 250 meters from Torre Central shelter, place where passengers can also access to food if they need.
  • Camping Serón: up to 100 camping sites, is the second largest in Torres del Paine National Park. It’s about 4 hours walk from Las Torres and starts the O Circuit. It has an area of ​​exclusive bathrooms and access to food in the post.
  • Camping El Chileno: has a capacity for 50 sites and is located about two hours walk from Las Torres sector. Their bathrooms have hot water 24 hours and have access to food at Refugio El Chileno.
  • Camping Los Cuernos: up to 50 sites that users can choose freely, exclusive bathrooms and food in Refugio Los Cuernos. It’s placed between Las Torres sector and French Valley.

If you don’t have camping gear, it’s not a problem, since in all our camp sites the passengers can access to rental of the necessary elements for camping as sleeping bag, tent and insulation.

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  1. hola..queria saber los precios de los campings y cuales son los campings o refugios gratis..hare el treking w..gracias..

  2. Hola Karen, los precios son los siguientes:

    Valores Camping Fantástico Sur:
    Camping Torres (sector las torres – acceso vehicular y bus regular): $ 6.000 por persona (pp)
    Camping El Chileno ( a 2 horas de trekking desde sector las torres): $ 6.000 pp
    Camping Los Cuernos ( 4 – 5 horas de trekking desde sector las torres) : $ 8.000 pp
    Camping Serón (4 horas de trekking desde sector las Torres en Circuito O): $ 4.000 pp

    Valores Camping Empresa Vértice
    Camping Paine Grande (sector pehoe): $ 4.800 pp
    Camping Grey: $ 4.000 pp

    Campings sin costo en Circuito W:
    Campamento Torres ( a 4 horas de trekking desde sector las torres)
    Campamento Italiano (a 2 horas de sector Cuernos, CERRADO)

    Nota: los campings gratuitos no poseen duchas ni agua caliente.

    Gracias y disfruta tu viaje al Parque Nacional Torres del Paine