Sernatur Refugio Torre Central grants Distinction seal “S”

The National Service of Tourism has decided to grant Refugio Torre Central with Distinction “S” 2014 Sustainable Tourism for the performance that makes the Fantástico Sur team in social, environmental and economic areas, contributing to the development of responsible tourist activity in Chile in Torres del Paine National Park, located in the region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica.

The hallmark is awarded to Sustainability accommodation centers in Chile that fulfill certain features of environmental sustainability and quality standards in operational, logistical and commercial terms. The seal S is given by SERNATUR supported by the National Tourism Sustainability table. This distinction has duration of two years and features the international recognition of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

With this recognition, Fantástico Sur will continue on the path of commitment to contribute towards sustainable tourism in their region and also to offer the best service to all visitors from around the world.

Check here for the list of establishments distinguished with the seal “S” in 2013.