Responsibility and Environmental Care

The environment is fundamental for the preservation of the park; we have made a serious commitment and practiced in innovative ways of energy generation, such as wind energy, hydraulic and solar.

Refugio El Chileno

Wind Turbine / Bio filter

Refugio El Chileno has a wind turbine that takes advantage of the strong southern winds, always present, especially in summertime, and generates electricity through a battery bank that stores the power and then pushes it through an energy inverter that finally provides the power required to enable the services in the Refugio. In addition to this innovative and ecological process, several solar panels are used with the same purpose. If required, the Refugio has a gas-powered generator.

Also, the Refugio has a sewage treatment plant (bio filter), which is treated with an ingenious and natural method: sewage is filtered through a pool of sawdust and worms that eliminate all residues from the water, purifying it in 90% which helps avoid soil and water pollution. Visitors can be part of this process and visit the installation.

Refugio Los Cuernos

EHydraulic Turbine / Bio filter

Refugio Los Cuernos also has an independent energy system based on two water-powered turbines, fed by the Bader river and one of its waterfalls, where a tube of 50 cm diameter (half a yard) captures the necessary water to generate electric power through two small injectors that turn on the turbine. Like El Chileno Refugio, power is then stored in a battery bank that then transmits power to the Refugio. Its uniqueness lies on power savings – it is an energy storage system and not just a generator.

At the beginning of 2012 we have finished the construction of the second sewage treatment plant of our Refugios, it is 3 times the one built at El Chileno Refugio.

Refugios Torre Central and Torre Norte Have a different energy system. Though it is not a renewable energy system, it is a very efficient one. It is a gas-powered generator that stores power in a bank of batteries.

It features light, energy and fuel savings, since the energy stored in 8 hours is enough to power the Refugio for 24 hours. However, savings are vital and for that reason, appliances like hairdryers and irons are note allowed in the Refugio.

AMA Torres del Paine

Beyond the beautiful scenery offered by the National Park Torres del Paine , enclave of biodiversity in the southernmost area of the Americas, an ecological Initiative among private and the Government of Chile tries to preserve the majesty of this natural sanctuary, AMA Torres del Paine.

In 2004 through, website, a group of eight people, Chileans and Foreigners, formed this entity with the intention of adding tourists , adventurers, researchers and residents to be closer with the environment.

Among the experiences developed by AMA between mountains, glaciers, forests and lakes are:

  • Reforestation: planting trees in areas of Torres del Paine where none existed
  • Ecological Restoration: restoring the damaged ecosystem, for example, after the fire in 2011
  • Investigation of species and ecosystem

Donations and Volunteering is one of the main promoters of the initiative AMA Torres del Paine , therefore, invites tourists to engage in this ecological project.

Organizers estimate that during the austral spring 2013 and autumn 2014 the number of visitors will increase ( in 2012 approximately 150 000 people came to the Torres del Paine National Park ) , so it is crucial to promote the care of this Biosphere Reserve.

To be part of these voluntarism activities is necessary to complete a form available on the AMA website. To become a Volunteer you do not need a work visa, volunteers must have clothes and gear for Hiking, along with the encouragement to enjoy a different and friendlier way to help us preserve and protect this jewel, chosen by in October 2012 as the new Eighth Natural Wonder of the World.

For more information, visit

AMA Torres del Paine – Plan de Restauración Ecológica en Bosques Incendiados de Torres del Paine from AMA TORRES DEL PAINE on Vimeo.