Our Story

At Fantástico Sur we are dedicated to a very specific niche: people who love nature, mountain & travelling. Currently we have four Refugios: Torre Central, Torre Norte, Los Cuernos and El Chileno; in every Refugio sector we also have campsites and 8 Cabins for 2 people in sector Los Cuernos, besides there is Camping Serón at the beginning of the Big Circuit.

But not always has been like this, the history of effort and vision, begun three decades ago, and started the beginning of one of the most emblematic endeavours in Torres del Paine National Park.

In 1977, the Italian count Guido Monzino, one of the first to make Torres del Paine known – which he climbed in the 60s – donated over 12.000 hectares to the Chilean government, from which the current borders of the park were established.

Estancia Cerro Paine  is the only private property in Torres del Paine National Park and belongs to the Kusanovic family since 1979. The patriarch of the family purchased them in 1979, when the area was still unexplored, with the simple purpose of exploiting the land as pasture for cattle. However, the tourism boom since the mid-80s broadened the business.

When Antonio Kusanovic Senkovic, (the patriarch of the family) bought the estancia Cerro Paine- where is now located Hotel Las Torres, Refugios Torre Central and Norte, tourists were out of his mind. He was thinking of cattle, following the family tradition.

From 1986, without further promotion but word of mouth between Americans and Europeans, tourist flow grew considerably and the Kusanovic family that was still dedicated to cattle breeding, adapted to the new times. And installed the first camping. And so, almost without intending it, went from cattle breeding to Tourism business.

Nowadays Torres del Paine National Park receive more than 150.000 visitors each year, coming mainly from Germany, France, Spain, England, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Holland, Poland, Russia, Chile, Argentina and Brasil. It is estimated that more than 20.000 enthusiastic trekkers go through the W Circuit each year.