Opening and closing dates of Refugios Fantástico Sur 2017 – 2018

Winter Season 2017: Closed Dates

Opening DateClosing Date
Refugio Torre Central & Camping Central: 01 September30 August
Refugio, Cabañas & Camping Los Cuernos:01 September30 August
Domes El Francés & Camping El Francés: 01 October30 April
Refugio & Camping El Chileno:01 October30 April
Refugio Torre Norte:01 October30 April
Camping & Serón: 01 October30 April

* Although the campsite will be working from Octobre 1, according to CONAF, the Paine Circuit will only be available from November

**These dates can change due to external factors. Information will be updated to indicate any change. Thank you for your understanding.

Winter Season 2017: Closed Dates
Central Torre Refuge and Central Camping Sites: May 1st until August 30th
Los Cuernos Camping and Refuge Sites: Closed Wednesday and Saturdays from May 1st until August 30
**During the Winter Season, only the W Circuit is accessible with a guide
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