El Chileno Refugio & Camping

Refugio de montaña El Chileno:

Located 2 hours from Las Torres sector, it is in the trail that leads to the famous BASE of the Towers. From this sector you may return to Las Torres sector or continue to Los Cuernos.

  • Accommodation: BED + Sleeping bag or SIMPLE BED (for use of own sleeping bag).
  • Capacity: 32 people, 4 shared and mixed dorms of 8 people each (3 bunk beds in each room)
  • Facilities: Restaurant / shop.
  • Heating: wood, slow burning stove
  • Shared bathrooms (exclusive use for Refugio’s guests).

Camping El Chileno:

  • 50 camping sites.
  • Shared bathrooms (exclusive use for campers, 24 hour hot water service).
  • Equipment rental available: Tent, sleeping bag and insulation mat.
  • Meals available at the Refugio.

IMPORTANT: We recommend staying in El Chileno and climb to the base of the towers before dawn, to see the sunrise colours reflected on the granitic towers and not miss out on this spectacle.


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