What to bring to the W Circuit, and how to prepare your backpack

The weather is the principle factor in deciding what to bring and wear when going on vacation; it is especially important for hiking over the W Circuit, the most popular and well-known trail in the Torres del Paine National Park.

So that you don’t get burned by the sun, wet in the rain, or cold in the snow, Jeremy, one of the professional guides at Torres del Paine, explains in the following video what equipment is necessary for you to come and enjoy the W Circuit.

In addition to your backpack, remember that you must pack the following items in order to spend the night in one of our lodges.

Note: The following equipment is necessary for travelers who stay at the lodges or campsites, but it is not necessary to bring camping equipment (e.g. tents) or food.

1. Warm, water-proof coat: On a normal day in Torres del Paine you can find yourself in four-seasons’ worth of weather: rain, sun, wind, snow, heat, and cold. So that nothing ruins your trip, remember to bring this item.
2. Water-proof pants: Important for protecting yourself from the rain.
3. While you’re moving, you’re sure to get warm, at which point a fleece vest can serve you well. This garment is only an alternative, however, so when you stop, you will need to put your water-proof coat back on. Another method is to dress in layers.
4. Gloves, hat for the sun, and knit cap for the cold.
5. Sunscreen and sunglasses: The sun is harsh, even at the southern tip of South America.
6. An extra pair of socks, underwear, shorts, and an extra T-shirt are also very necessary.


7. Personal Hygiene: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, and shampoo. In the middle of the Andes mountains, there aren’t any pharmacies or supermarkets, so if you forget these items, you will not feel very clean after a few days.
8. It is always useful to bring a flashlight (with rechargeable batteries), toilet paper, and some first aid items.
9. A towel and sandals are also important for bathing. There are showers in the lodges.
10. Have your video or photo camera ready to capture that special moment. Bring enough batteries, because, at the Park, they produce their own energy and work to conserve it.
11. Water bottle and snacks, such as dried fruit, to eat while you hike.
12. Walking stick.
13. Just to be safe, line the inside of your backpack with a garbage bag, and then pack your other items inside of it, so in the case of rain or damage to your backpack, your items will remain dry.
14. And now you’re ready: you have everything you need to go out and enjoy Torres del Paine.

We can’t wait to see you!